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The art of dressing up

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Fashion in relationships can be a funny thing. Maybe you love your significant other’s style, even though it doesn’t really line up with your own. Or perhaps you’ve fought tooth and nail to get them to get rid of that one piece of clothing you hate or have bought them a few new replacement pieces as gifts just to get the point across.
There is no shortage of chic, versatile, and on-trend tops to shop for on Amazon. Any style you have in mind, they more than likely have and for an affordable price! Some of my favorites from this year so far have been my Los Angeles shirt that looks like an Anine Bing, puff sleeve tops (duh), a few sweater tanks, and an effortless button up white shirt that’s been on heavy rotation this summer.
A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. I am convinced that there can be luxury in simplicity. I wanted to dress the woman who lives and works, not the woman in a painting. It’s hard to balance everything. It’s always challenging. My relationships with producers or photographers – these are relationships that took years. I can’t get sucked into that celebrity thing, because I think it’s just crass. My aim is to make the poor look rich and the rich look poor. Vanity is the healthiest thing in life. I believe that my clothes can give people a better image of themselves – that it can increase their feelings of confidence and happiness. You can hide so much behind theatrics, and I don’t need to do that any more. I don’t really know how to do casual clothes.

The art of dressing up

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about style; and more so the evolution of my own style over the last five years. Perhaps more specifically, how the my approach to dressing has changed since the start of 2020. There’s less emphasis on appearing sleek and polished; instead opting for easy basics which I know work well. A casual interpretation of my personal style. Naturally evolving as I move through each new “season” in my life.
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I suppose this too is one of the things that drives us to be intentional with colour palettes. Insisting on a closet that is easily mixed and matched, because that cohesion often extends beyond the hues in our wardrobe. Representing a feeling, and in part, an outward reflection of sense of self. Which, to that end, is something that’s also pragmatic.

“I try as much as possible to give you a great basic product and what comes out, I feel, is really amazing.”

Clothing you can wear multiple ways – that fit a specific “vibe” – give you more mileage, more options, and ultimately end up feeling like a better buy than the special piece you inexplicably had to have. My style at this point in time has largely been dictated by comfort. I don’t want to be pulling or adjusting my clothes constantly.

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