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As people move out of big cities, fashion retail follows

Gucci’s Men’s Cruise Collection 2018
As someone who has dabbled in women’s jeans, I’d like to share my opinion on several pairs that will work for a man if he is willing to give it a try.

The characteristics I take into account when selecting a pair of women’s jeans include:

  • Am I comfortable with the way they fit on me?
  • Is the inseam long enough as the jeans’ leg must cover my ankle?
  • Is there a sufficiently long fly for obvious reasons?
  • Do they stay in place with minimal slippage and/or bunching?
  • Plus, are the size & placement of the back pockets ok? If too small or placed too high, they can look overtly feminine.
Skinny jeans are great for tucking into boots thanks to their skin-tight leg, but styling is key, to avoid skinnies looking dated. If you want to refresh your denim, pair them with more trend-led pieces such as puff sleeve blouses and oversized blazers. Don’t be afraid to play with the proportions and balance out snug skinnies with looser styles on top.

Breaking Up With Fast Fashion Has Been Easier

Awkwardness gives me great comfort. I’ve never been cool, but I’ve felt cool. I’ve been in the cool place, but I wasn’t really cool – I was trying to pass for hip or cool. Fashion never stops. There is always the new project, the new opportunity. I always say: To be well dressed you must be well naked.

“I try as much as possible to give you a great basic product and what comes out, I feel, is really amazing.”

If I fell in love with a woman for an artistic reason, or from the point of view of my work, I think it would rob her of something. We live in an era of globalization and the era of the woman. Never in the history of the world have women been more in control of their destiny.


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